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About Us

We have come together with a range of public, private and voluntary sector partners to provide employment opportunities, with related support, to Ukrainians impacted by the invasion of their country.

For Ukrainian nationals, this initiative provides a list of vacancies with employers who have committed to providing good job opportunities in a supportive environment.

For employers, this initiative provides an easy and direct way to communicate your job opportunities to Ukrainian nationals coming to the UK. The site also provides a wide range of information on further support that your new colleagues may find helpful.

Whilst web-based this initiative is also supported by named contacts (in companies and from this site) and an understanding that our Ukrainian guests are coming from a war-torn country.


About the Scheme

  • This scheme has been established by business leaders across the North of England.
  • The scheme aims to match employers supportive of Ukrainian nationals with those wishing to work in the North of England.

This scheme is a practical way for businesses to support Ukrainians coming to the North of England. Through offering meaningful work at the real living wage, we can give people fleeing conflict both structure and purpose while they live in the UK.

This is a cross-agency scheme supported by North of England Local Enterprise Partnerships as well as the NP11 and political leaders.

The service is free to access for both job seekers and employers.

The scheme is being facilitated by the Growth Company, a not-for-profit social enterprise that supports businesses to grow, and helps individuals into work and develop their skills.

This scheme is designed for Ukrainian nationals who have claimed refugee status in the UK. This status means they are eligible for a temporary work visa and so can find employment in the UK while they are here.

For Ukrainian nationals

Visit the Job Opportunities page and view the vacancies in that section. Click on the links of the role you’re interested in and contact the employer directly.

The purpose of the site is to proactively connect businesses who support Ukrainians with those looking for work.

Although this scheme promotes roles for Ukrainian nationals, these roles will also be available to other job seekers.

In accordance with UK law, all those applying to roles through the scheme will require to pass ‘Right-to-Work’ checks. We have produced a short guide on the ‘Right-to-Work’ procedure in the UK which can be found here.

Full information on obtaining a UK working visa can be found here.

There is further support available to Ukrainian nationals who have recently arrived in the UK, including through contacting local networks and offering financial advice. More details can be found here.

For businesses

Visit the employers’ section of our website for details of how to upload your vacancy. Where a business has more than 10 different vacancies a form is available to collate these. Please email for further details.

Businesses across the North of England are encouraged to advertise roles as part of the scheme as well as their usual recruitment process.

While businesses and organisations can support Ukrainians in the UK through finding work, there is always more support that individuals can give from raising awareness through to offering spare bedrooms to Ukrainian nationals. More information on the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme can be found here.

You can also donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

Further support and information

There are a number of schemes to support other refugees, and these are available via the Home Office website.

For job seekers please email or call 0161 237 4131

For businesses, please email

For media enquiries please contact